Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Group Picture of the Falun Dafa Band

Well, I joined Falun Dafa Band since 2006. It has been a great journey for me so far. From learning music, playing new instrument, sharing new aspect of music to see miraculous changes in the Falun Dafa Band ( . I'm both shocking and astonishing that such achievement could be accomplished in shortest time. Majority of the band members didn't really have any musical background from first of the band rehearsal. However, a month later, they were performed at Monterey Park Parade in LA (one of top 10 parade in U.S). Not talking about music part, let alone the marching parts and make everyone in sync would require in great amount of effort. However, in such one short month, people from different ages from 12 to 60, could form a marching band. It's unbelieveable for me, even now, thinking back, and writing this blog page. People would think that I'm boasting...

I'm proud being a member of Falun Dafa Band.
Biggest Band in world:

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