Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family Reunion

Wow! Everyone is wearing a very special custom. Back from Ancient China, thousand of years in Chinese Culture and civilization once again re-emerged from modern ages. It looks fascinating, isn't it! At first, wearing such costume look a bit awkward, but after wearing it, a different feeling when we dressed, we had a sense of inner joy and quite happy. Especially, the smiles on our face every moments. When we looked at each other in these customs, we're feel a bit fun, at bit more friendly, and bit more artistic. What even more shocking is the Caucasian also wearing these custom!! Yet, they feel really happy. All of us were volunteer to help provide and show called Shen-Yun (Divine Performing Arts, or awhile back, when it just started it. The brand wasn't well know back then, we were using a grass root approach to help promote the show as the purpose is an Renaissance of Chinese arts that has been destroy by Chinese Communist Party during the Cultural Revolution.

Well, this title is called "Family Re-union", but I've not even talk any related to family. Most people in this picture is not in "one family" that we normally know. Oh well, we are not connect by blood, but perhaps by spirit. Most of us from a different walk of life, very distinct characteristic of ethnicity. However, we are sharing common hope that's bring goodness to humankind. We are all believe in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" (Falun Gong meditation teaching) as the characteristic of the the universe.

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