Saturday, March 28, 2009

San Francisco Falun Dafa History Video Clip

This is one brief moment about our progress in San Francisco Falun Dafa marching Band. There are many magical things in the band, that no video or language can describe. Every time I'm got tired from being overload with so many things, I go the band practice to do a bit. Things are getting a lot better and relax after the practice. It's quite opposite from normal band practice. The more we practice, the better we feel.

Monday, March 16, 2009

San Francisco Falun Dafa Practitioners Participate in St. Patrick's Day Parade

This is quite spring time. Everything is green in this parade. Well, of course, it's a St. Patrick's Day!!! I got up early in the morning to load the instruments on the truck. Then go to San Francisco City, which is approximately one hour from home city. It's a quite a bit of traveling distance... The weather in SF in the morning was chilled. But, the march was great!! Many people cried as we marched through. It was so touch!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Year Greeting from San Francisco Falun Gong practitioners

Every Lunar New Year, Falun Dafa Disciple in San Francisco send their greeting to their Teacher and thank Him for his guiding us in cultivation.

San Francisco, it's a beautiful place, isn't it. In fact, that's just a tip of the icebergs. There are so many different places in San Francisco, that's so beautiful.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Modern Emperor

Old Emperor walked with his officials and servants. A modern King is walking around Costco by himself with a stack of flyers. Nevertheless, the magnitude of the important is not less than old ancient King. That's compassion to people that he does thing this way. Well, that is probably rare opportunity for anyone to do it. It's really hard to combine in such solemn occasion.

Family Reunion

Wow! Everyone is wearing a very special custom. Back from Ancient China, thousand of years in Chinese Culture and civilization once again re-emerged from modern ages. It looks fascinating, isn't it! At first, wearing such costume look a bit awkward, but after wearing it, a different feeling when we dressed, we had a sense of inner joy and quite happy. Especially, the smiles on our face every moments. When we looked at each other in these customs, we're feel a bit fun, at bit more friendly, and bit more artistic. What even more shocking is the Caucasian also wearing these custom!! Yet, they feel really happy. All of us were volunteer to help provide and show called Shen-Yun (Divine Performing Arts, or awhile back, when it just started it. The brand wasn't well know back then, we were using a grass root approach to help promote the show as the purpose is an Renaissance of Chinese arts that has been destroy by Chinese Communist Party during the Cultural Revolution.

Well, this title is called "Family Re-union", but I've not even talk any related to family. Most people in this picture is not in "one family" that we normally know. Oh well, we are not connect by blood, but perhaps by spirit. Most of us from a different walk of life, very distinct characteristic of ethnicity. However, we are sharing common hope that's bring goodness to humankind. We are all believe in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" (Falun Gong meditation teaching) as the characteristic of the the universe.

Some pictures collected from Falun Dafa Band participated parades

Hum... It has been awhile back, I don't remember when the picture was taken place. Neither do I remember where was it taken place... Oh, I'm kindna remember now! It was Portsmouth Square from San Francisco Chinatown. Band was invited to participate on one of Quit Chinese Communist Party Parade. It seems strange that I'm a Vietnamese who anticipate in a Chinese group. Yet, I've been questions by many friends and colleague. That's a long story of mine, but I'll write something to explain a bit.

Since the beginning 2003, during my senior year of university, I start to look for meditation out of curiosity. I came upon meditation practiced called Falun Gong or Falun Dafa ( I was fascinated by the teaching of Falun Dafa (with book called Zhuan Falun) about mind, body, and universe. Learning the corelation between human mind, material, and universe in the teaching. Anyhow, if one is interested, you can go there ( to see it yourself.

Since this meditation practice took root back from Ancient China, so majority of practitioners are Chinese. So, in order to learn in deep about meditation of Falun Dafa, I'm start to reach out this meditation group. So on and on. The more I learn, the more I'm amazed!! The profound inner meaning of the teaching reveal.

Group Picture of the Falun Dafa Band

Well, I joined Falun Dafa Band since 2006. It has been a great journey for me so far. From learning music, playing new instrument, sharing new aspect of music to see miraculous changes in the Falun Dafa Band ( . I'm both shocking and astonishing that such achievement could be accomplished in shortest time. Majority of the band members didn't really have any musical background from first of the band rehearsal. However, a month later, they were performed at Monterey Park Parade in LA (one of top 10 parade in U.S). Not talking about music part, let alone the marching parts and make everyone in sync would require in great amount of effort. However, in such one short month, people from different ages from 12 to 60, could form a marching band. It's unbelieveable for me, even now, thinking back, and writing this blog page. People would think that I'm boasting...

I'm proud being a member of Falun Dafa Band.
Biggest Band in world:

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Độc lộ độc hành thiên vạn lý

Đạp tuyết phong vân ngút ngàn mây

Phấn hương lầu ngọc, ôi! hư ảo!

Nhất tiếu, mộng tan, nhẹ bước bay

TD 26-12-2006