Saturday, February 28, 2009

Washington D.C 2006 Fa Conference

2006 Falun Dafa Conference in Washington D.C. was quite interesting events. I had a red-eye flight from San Jose, California to D.C and a bit sleep. Right after got off the airport, I met all the Falun Dafa Practitioners at the airport. We were smile as a greeting and our heart felt a sense very close. No matter what ethic or region we from, we were know that we were for a great goal that to improve ourself through cultivation (Improving our mind, and help out other improve as well).

Next, we were waiting for bus from airport to D.C. Living style in the East Coast is quite different from the West Coast, you can say that is a major different from all angles (transportation, weather, etc). It is quite humidity in D.C summer time, in addition, D.C. is located in Atlantic Ocean. Humid, Salt, and Sun would turn everyone in tan or darker... I'm still remember, after arrived to the Monument we started our 5 Falun Dafa Exercises. Everyone were naturally line-up as the exercise music begin. It was amazed and the energy field was strong. Many tourist took pictures, I were also took some too. Due this blog limited one picture per entry. I'll consider to post more pictures about the band.

This picture took inside the Fa Conference. Usually, there is a strict requirement at Fa Conference. No photo should be taken during the Fa Conference because the flashing light would disrupt or interference with people's sharing the cultivation experience. We took this picture during the break for lunch or after the conference.

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